Artfully Blending… Masterfully Roasting… Creatively Crafting… Our Love for Coffee Goes Back More than 100 Years

We offer a selection of brands in a variety of formats to meet every consumer need. From mainstream to premium, whether you’re looking for compostable single serve coffees, espresso capsules or whole bean, you’ll find it here. We’ve got your new favourite brand and blend, right here.

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Club Coffee Craft Roasters Trademark Established 1906

A Passion for the Perfect Cup of Coffee™
Precision, Patience and Time

Creating the perfect cup of coffee takes time. Sourcing the best ethically grown, premium beans… Designing perfectly balanced blends… Artfully roasting small batches to perfection… There’s a lot involved in creating the perfect cup of coffee. We think it starts with a spark of creativity, laid on a solid foundation of precision, patience and time. It has to be perfect, and with every delicious sip, you’ll taste the care we take, all the way from bean to cup. It’s a little something we like to call craftsmanship, and you’ll find it all in every cup.



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Good HostWelcome Home to Delicious Coffee
When you’ve been making coffee for as long as we have, you learn a thing or two

You start by selecting the right coffee beans. Then you to go that extra step to create straightforward, satisfying blends.

Over the years, we’ve taken pride in the kind of coffee you want to share with your family and friends – welcoming and kindhearted, like the taste of home.

We put a little taste of home into all of our delicious blends. They’re warm and inviting, just like a good host should be.




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Simply Sensational 100% CoffeeThe Easy Choice for Simply Sensational Coffee
For Great Coffee, The Decision is Simple

Straightforward 100% Arabica coffee blends you can count on any time of the day – enjoy a Simply Sensational delight, cup after delicious cup.






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beaniac craft roaster coffee logoLiving Life, One Cup at a Time!
Can’t get enough of coffee’s delicious awesomeness? Welcome to the club, beaniac®!

At beaniac®, coffee is our life and we’re on a 24/7 mission to find the very best coffees we can get our hands on. Every one of our Rainforest Alliance Certified™, organic coffees deliver the full-on flavor you need to kick start your day. We know you’re gonna love every amazing cup. Now go get ‘em beaniac®! #CatchTheBuzz





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